Research trifecta

In the past couple weeks, I’ve experienced three research accomplishments, at three increasingly better journals.  It’s convinced me that I am really starting to get the hang of this research thing.

First, my article on global virtual team performance moved from accepted to published at IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. That marks my total publication count to nine articles. While this journal is not a top journal in our field, it’s focus on professional communication meant we had craft a well written article.  It reminded me of the importance of structuring elements and clear organization when writing.  I’ve already started applying those techniques to my current writing projects.

In the next bit of good news, my article on social media privacy when looking for a job was recently accepted for publication at AIS Transactions on Human Computer Interaction.  Again, this journal is not considered a top journal in our field… yet.  It’s still too young. But looking at the editorial review board and the challenging revisions we were required to make, it probably will be before long.  More than just the outlet, this article is much higher quality than my previous work.

My last research update comes from a revision request I received for an article on Airbnb at Information and Management, one of the top journals in our field.  In fact, our department ranks it as one of six premier journals.  Sweet Jesus, that gets me so excited.  If I can land a publication in this journal, it will be my best publication triumph yet.  We still have lots of work to go on this, but I’m hopeful on the progress so far.

Many thanks to my co-authors on these 3 articles: Ravi Paul, Huigang Liang, Dianne Hall, Bret Becton, Clay Posey, Alleah Crawford, Cindy Deale, and BJ White. I could not have done it without your help.

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