Hire Professor Drake

How to Hire Professor Drake

I am the owner and CEO of Drake Web Solutions, a consulting and education firm specializing in online and e-commerce strategy.  Send me a message at john@professordrake.com or call 314-477-8446. The first consultation is free and will determine if and how I can help.

Why Hire Professor Drake

Drake Web Solutions helps organizations better align their business goals with their online presence – from websites, to social media, to email, to mobile. While I individualize the consulting for each company, it usually starts with comprehensive 4 part analysis to insure alignment between all aspects of the business, user goals, marketing efforts, and technology.  A basic version of this web analysis has been applied in my class for the past few years with much success.

I help companies answer questions like:

  • How can we better craft our website to generate leads and sales?
  • How can we better utilize social media to engage our customers?
  • How can we improve our web and email marketing?
  • What can we do to better secure our customer’s online data to avoid an embarrassing breach?
  • Is our online advertising dollars worth the money we spend on it?
  • Is our search engine optimization dollars worth the money we spend on it?
  • Is our mobile strategy consistent with user expectations?

Professor Drake brings over 15 years experience in web development, web research, web instruction, and web consulting.