Summer Research Update

This past year has been a big research year for me with two publications and another accepted for publication (to come out at a later date).  I also received invitations to revise and resubmit two more articles with a third given a verbal commitment to send us a revision invitation.  I’ve had two conference proceedings accepted at one conference (Decision Science Institute) and two more accepted at a different conference (AMCIS).  If I could describe 2014-2015, it would be the year my research exploded.  This summer looks to be more of the same.

Thanks to ECU’s College of Business, I have funding to work on research this summer.  In my proposal, I agreed to work on these two papers:

  1. “Applicants’ Information Privacy Protection Responses Following Human Resource Departments’ Requests to Access Social Media”
  2. “How Does Social Network Usage Impact Trust?”

The focus of my summer research starts with these two.  But if time permits, I will also work one the conference proceedings mentioned above to get it ready for a journal submission.  I also have a project on Airbnb that we’re collecting data on right now.  That might also be a fun one to work on over the summer.

In August, I’ll attend the AMCIS conference (in beautiful Puerto Rico) to present and network with other MIS folks.  If I happen to stay an extra day or two to enjoy the island… well, that would be nice too.

With this flurry of research, I am becoming confident I will achieve tenure at ECU.  Since my tenure packet is due in the middle of 2016, that leaves one more year to round out the edges of my tenure packet with a few more publications.

After this year of research, I have a year of teaching up my sleeve.  But more on that later.