Summer research plan

For the past hour, I’ve been updating my summer research plan.  And here it is.  It starts by managing the two projects current under review.

  1. “Ethical Perspectives of Business Students: Development of the Ethical Reasoning Instrument” at Business and Society (under review)
  2. “Global Virtual Teamwork”, at IEEE Professional Communication (under review)

I have three articles I plan to submit to various journals this summer.  Two of the articles are about 97% complete, but need to be finalized and submitted soon before they fall through the cracks and are lost forever.  For the third one, a colleague is writing up, but which I will assist.  It essentially encapsulates some important lessons learned in the MOOC project.

  1. “Asking for Facebook Logins: An Egoist Case for Privacy”, target Ethics and IT (formatting & editing) due June 1
  2. “Integrating Theory and Critical Thinking with a Real World Service Learning E-Commerce Project” target DSJIE call for papers (formatting & editing) due June 1
  3. “Development and Delivery of a Multi-institution MOOC: Participant observation”, target DSJIE call for papers (analysis) due Aug 1

And then there are the projects still in the works that won’t be completed this summer.  I’m part of a team of researchers that collected a huge amount of data on student ethical, political, and religious beliefs this past spring.  There will likely be multiple papers from this data set, but it will largely depend on the analysis that is conducted this summer.  And I’m leading the analysis, or so it seems.

  1. “Cross Discipline Ethical/Political Perspectives” analysis due Jul 1, possibly 4 or more articles to various journals.  It would be cool (however unlikely) if we could get at least 2 done by Christmas.

Lastly, I have 3 conference proceedings currently under review.  It’s possible I will work on any one of those three over the summer in order to enhance the article for a journal publication.  For two of them, some PhD students at Auburn are writing the papers from data I collected a year or more ago.

  1. “Job Applicants’ Information Privacy-Protective Responses: Exploring the Roles of Technology Readiness and Privacy Trusting Disposition” target MISQ
  2. “Egoism: Three kinds” target Journal of Business Ethics
  3. “5 Principles for MOOC development: An Illustrated Case Study” target MOOC Forums

Best case scenario, I will have 5 articles accepted or under review by the end of the summer and 10 by the end of the year.  And I haven’t even started talking about the projects currently on hold that I hope to ramp back up this fall.  I better stop writing so much here and get back to work so I can accomplish all of these projects.

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