Fall Research Update

Since my summer research update, I have made lots of progress. Not as much as I originally envisioned, but still on track. As I indicated back then, three manuscripts near completion were all submitted to journals. Which puts me at five under review. The journals are taking their time getting back to me with answers, but hopefully they will pick up the pace soon.

The fall semester left me slowed in research productivity after a family member had surgery and my responsibilities readjusted. But in the last couple weeks, I felt a surge in productivity working on several manuscripts for publication. I’m still hopeful that I can get one more out under review by the end of the year. I also have several other projects with collaborators that could see progress shortly, particularly collaborations with Auburn students on a social networking disclosure manuscript and another on ethical egoism in business students. Currently, my research list contains eight unpublished manuscripts, five of which are under review, and 1 model idea that may evolve into a manuscript.

I also have three other projects in various stages of development. There is the “cross discipline ethical perspectives” project, consisting of a study of over 600 students across ECU.  Data was collected and preliminary stats completed, but no working manuscripts yet. Potential – multiple manuscripts at various random journals. In another project on “social media disclosure”, the data collection is currently under way. Potential – new manuscript for e-commerce journal. And lastly, a project on Airbnb is in the proposal stage, which we hope to start collecting data soon. Potential – two manuscripts for e-commerce and hospitality management journals.

True to my last five year goals statement, I want to challenge myself to get a few of these manuscripts to top level journals in my field, like MISQ, ISR, JMIS, EJIS, or I&M. This will require a higher level of effort on each manuscript than I have done in the past. It may require some collaboration with others that have done it before, but I’m confident we can get there using what I learned.

I want to give a quick shoot out to my various collaborators over the past year – Dianne Hall and her students (Jiahe, Xiaoye, Benjamin, YiChuan, and Shiwei), Bret Becton, Ravi Paul, Huigang Liang, Chris Furner, Richard Hauser, Elaine Seeman, Maggie O’Hara, Alleah Crawford, Cindy Deale, Barbara Jo White, Megan Davidson, Mark Jones, Todd Fraley, and David Siegel. Thank you all for your help, advice, and friendship. You make research fun!

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